One of the wonderful things about the circus theme is that the food is SIMPLE and yummy to make. Here are a few ideas of quick, easy food that screams “CIRCUS” all over them:

  • Corn dogs
  • Hot dogs
  • Corn on the cob
  • Soft pretzels
  • Peanuts
  • Popcorn
  • Lemonade
  • Candied or caramel apples
  • Cotton candy 
  • Cracker Jacks
  • Animal crackers
  • Giant lollipops

Included with the mystery are all the labels you need to "circus up" your food.

Condiments. You can find simple bottles almost anywhere (we found them at our local Dollar Tree). Included with the mystery are the designed labels above. Simply attach them to your bottles and voila! you've added a little circus to your condiments!

Get your fresh, hot peanuts! Cut about 1/3 off of the top of a paper lunch sack. Roll down the edges (we did ours 3 times) and slap a label on it - labels included with the mystery!

Ways to enhance your popcorn:
•  Use scalloped scissors (can find at local craft or scrapbooking store) to cut the top of the bag.
• Put a label on it (included with mystery).
•  To make it look EXTRA buttery, you can add yellow spray on food coloring.
  You may want to consider renting a popcorn machine for both decoration and to pop some good, homemade popcorn. Not only will this serve as good munching food for the party, but the smell will add to the ambiance of the party!

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Don't forget the dogs!
• We wrapped our corndogs in foil  to help keep them warm and add that extra circus-y feel. We also put a very thick piece of styrofoam in the bottom to help the corn dogs stand up. {Click here to find FREE circus fonts.}

• You can find hot dog liners for as little as 1¢ per liner!

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Tray it up! We created trays using tops to boxes, spray painting them white and then adding prices (included with mystery) and/or labels. To the trays you can add a number of labels in any circus font you want. {Click here to find FREE circus fonts.}

Once made, your trays can serve for serving on the table or with vendors.

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Also included with the mystery are editable labels that you can insert your own food choices in and label your food and drinks!

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Create a concession stand. Mount a concession sign (included with mystery) and string some twine on a wall. Using clothespins, snap each of your concessions onto the twine for a self-serve concession stand!

Consider renting a vintage popcorn maker, a snow cone maker or a cotton candy maker. Not only would a popcorn maker look cool, but it provides food and smells that add to the ambiance of your party. OR, you can package your cotton candy in bags and hang them as a decoration as well. You can send each guest home with a bag or use them as prizes.  


• Use a dessert as a centerpiece for your table (see the cakes and cupcakes below).

•Use red, blue, yellow, striped and/or polka dotted tableclothes .

• Have red, blue and/or yellow plasticware.

• Label your food with circus-y titles - Animal crackers, Zebra Cakes, Clown Cupcakes, etc. Use table tents (design included in mystery) to label your items!

• Make fun table decorations out of circus-y items: tickets, small plastic animals, popcorn boxes, bubble gum, larg lollipops, etc.



Find directions to make these circus cupcakes here!!!

OR, create a circus themed cake for your party!

See this blog for more details!



Circus Music: Circus, carnival, or other peppy music will add to the atmosphere. Check the Internet, a local book or music store, or a library for CDs or tapes with appropriate songs like "Elephant's March."



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