While this site has everything to help you plan your Murder Under The Big Top party, you will need to get the marterials from our parent company, Night of Mystery. On that site, you will find all of the info you need on running a murder mystery party. This site is designed specifically to help you with party extras (such as decorations & costumes) and ways to enhance your Murder Under The Big Top party.

Before ordering, we suggest you get an accurate guest count. You can do this by downloading an invitation to the party and asking for an rsvp. Once you have the guest count, you will be able to purchase the mystery for the correct amount of guests you are expecting.

All of the information regarding how to run your Murder Under The Big Top party can be found online at Night of Mystery. We highly suggest that you take time to look over this website and download the Murder Under The Big Top preview file. Upon reading the preview file, it will give you a better understanding about how the parties are run and what to expect once you purchase a full mystery file.

If you still have question, the Frequently Asked Questions page at Night of Mystery is a great resource or you can contact us.

Be sure to check out our PINTEREST board that is filled with ideas for recipes, costumes, decorations, etc. that are all pinned for Murder in Margaritaland. Be sure to "follow" the board so that you can get updates as we pin more items!

Another great resource to checkout is our murder mystery forum to see what other hosts and hostesses have done for their parties and learn from their experience.

You can always google to find other host's blogs and pictures. HOWEVER, please be aware many blogs give away the names of the victims and often the murdere. If you are not wanting to know these facts, please stick to checking out our website as we strive hard to have NO SPOILERS!!!

On top of having a totally unique party - here are some more suggestions based on the theme that you have chosen!

animal cracker INVITES:Consider attaching your initial invitation to a box of animal crackers... just to get your guests in the mood!

TICKETS WITH YOUR INVITE: Print out one of our circus tickets (on textured paper) and include it with the invitation.

RENTING EXTRA EQUIPMENT: Based on the theme, you may want to think about renting a vintage popcorn maker, snow cone maker, bubble blower, have a professional photo booth service, dunk tank or cotton candy machine!

having performers:You may consider hiring people (or asking some of your guests) to do some of the following: jugglers, clowns, palm reader, balloon animal specialist, face painter, unicyclist, acrobat or any other performer you can think of.

To help your guests 'get into character', have a box of fake mustaches, circus hats, clown hats, large sunglasses, clown noses, feather boas, sequined headbands, top hats, etc. It is sure to be a hit!

Each month we highlight one of our customers who has posted on our murder mystery forum board and award them a FREE party!

In order to post pictures, comments and/or enter the "Party of the Month" contest, you will need to create an account and make a post on our murder mystery message board. To start, you can go to the murder mystery message board and register. Unfortunately, the username and password that you use for our site is not automatically transferred to the message board.

Once you have registered and created a posting, please email us the pictures to be added to your comments/posting.

For posting, you will also receive a $5 coupon and you will automatically be entered in our monthly "Party of the Month" contest. Each month we award a FREE party to one customer who has shared their comments and/or pictures with us. Don't worry, if you are not a winner that particular month, you will be entered each month until you win.


Once you order, in your mystery packet you will receive directions and/or printables to make unique and original decorations specific to your party! Included will be:
  • CIRCUS POSTERS (3 designs)
  • CIRCUS LABELS FOR FOOD (many designs)
  • CIRCUS SIGNS (to direct your guests)



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